From Entertainer to Coach, Melissa Guitron

From Entertainer to Coach, Melissa Guitron

“In the fitness world we get really good at being entertainers without really connecting to what the client came through the door for. I feel that now when we coach our clients, we give them what’s in their best interest rather than trying to make them happy all the time.”

Melissa Guitron of OPEX KURA in San Mateo, California lives and breathes fitness. She’s a firm believer that fitness is a means of not only unlocking human physical potential, but also enabling people to live larger lives.

For Melissa growing up, fitness was a means of connection to her parents and more specifically her father. She played almost every sport imaginable to find a bigger connection with her father and ultimately pursued an education in physical subjects to start her career as a fitness coach. However, she quickly became disappointed in her choice of career. It seemed that despite all of her knowledge and experience, she was relegated to more of an entertainer who worked in a gym than a true instructor and mentor to others.

It was at this moment in 2012 that she discovered the OPEX Fitness approach to fitness coaching. She was struck by how OPEX Fitness stressed the importance of the relationship and connection between the coach and client on an individualistic level. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Course gave her the deep understanding of what people are using fitness for, as well as the tangible information and knowledge needed to help people reach their unique goals.

When the opportunity arose to start her own OPEX gym, she was the first to sign up. With OPEX Fitness’ help, Melissa was able to open a financially successful and prosperous gym in San Mateo, California. This was not an easy task in one of the most expensive areas in the country. It was in large part due to the ongoing support and encouragement of the OPEX community and staff which helped her establish successful business systems that will enable her to grow her gym for years to come.

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