CoachRx is Live to Help Save you Time and Make you a More Efficient Coach

CoachRx is Live to Help Save you Time and Make you a More Efficient Coach

We heard all the complaints about the various coaching apps you have been using: 

  • It doesn’t do what I need it to do, so I’m still using four different tools to deliver my services to my clients! 
  • It isn’t designed for individual design!
  • It’s useless when it comes to administering assessments or lifestyle consults. 
  • It’s cumbersome for the client. 

This is why we have been working hard on building—and have finally released —CoachRx: a platform designed specifically for OPEX CCP coaches, ensuring it does everything you need to do your job. 

Thanks to CoachRx, you finally only need one tool to service your clients effectively. 

  • “My favorite thing is that I don’t have to have so many apps now. It is hard to tell your clients to ‘disconnect,’ but also use all these apps to track behaviors, nutrition, and performance... This has everything I need to program holistic performance, resiliency, and behaviors for my clients. It’s the platform I have been searching for,” said Ben Seims of OPEX Wenatchee about his experience so far using CoachRx.

  • “No more jumping (from) two or three screens (to find) all the notes, assessment data, or FME information...The recent feature that I’m excited the most about is the nutrition, habits Rx,” added Ronel Velasquez, a CCP coach living in Venezuela.

CoachRx nuts and bolts: Not only does CoachRx allow you to keep all your information in one place—from intake and consultation data, to body, move and work assessment data, to lifestyle consult and program design data—it also features tools to help with short and long-term planning that align with OPEX principles of periodization, energy system training and resistance training. 

  • Further, CoachRx features an OPEX video library, helping save you a ton of time producing videos to share with your clients. 
  • One more cool feature: When you conduct your assessments, it allows you to select movement faults and what’s causing them, and then the app provides you with training priorities for this client based on your assessment. 

Needless to say, CoachRx makes sharing information, educating and communicating with your clients a whole lot easier. 

Carl Hardwick rings in: Though the platform is now available and is already being used by early adopters, OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick explained that CoachRx will continuously evolve. 

  • “We have rolled out dozens of new features in the first month based on coach feedback and will continue to do so,” Hardwick explained.

Like Velasquez, Hardwick said he is particularly excited about how the platform can help coaches with the lifestyle coaching through features such as the weekly check-in option designed to keep clients more compliant with their lifestyle prescriptions between monthly consults. 

  • “We were tired of our coaches using workarounds in other systems to prescribe what we know to be the most important lifestyle pieces. Because of this we rolled out a feature that allows our coaches to directly Rx these pieces in a low barrier way for the clients,” Hardwick said. 
  • While CoachRx offers preloaded lifestyle prescriptions that coaches can use, they also have the ability to create custom prescriptions—such as sleep or sunlight prescriptions—with push notifications, he added.

Here’s what two more early CoachRx users are saying:

  • “The beauty of it is that it’s designed for us. It requires no modification to get going, and over time will undoubtedly make the delivery of your coaching service more professional, effective and time efficient.” - Glen Oliver, the owner of OPEX Gatwick
  • “It allows us to program and communicate more efficiently and control all the metrics and planning of our clients in the same place, creating a clearer direction for what we have to prescribe.” - Renato Costa, CCP coach with a remote coaching business

CoachRx is available exclusively to OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches. If you’re a CCP Coach, click here to start your free 14 day trial today.⁠

Curious about CoachRx, but not yet a CCP Coach?

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