LearnRx is a streaming platform for high-quality coaching education. We’ve packaged insightful courses into convenient, digestible videos that you can watch anywhere.

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imagine if each day...

rather than spending 10 more minutes scrolling on your phone, you used that time to enhance your career or improve your health instead. LearnRx is a new platform devoted to exactly that. With a wealth of content from leading coaches and fitness professionals around the world—ranging in topics from weightlifting to breathing techniques to pregnancy nutrition and beyond—there’s something for everyone in LearnRx.

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LearnRx is designed with trust in mind—featuring fitness professionals from around the world speaking on areas of deep expertise
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insightful and reliable education PACKAGED into convenient, easily digestible videos that you can watch anywhere
Attila - LearnRx Instructor
an ever-growing community of like-minded coaches and fitness enthusiasts DISCUSSING fresh content released monthLY

If you’re ready to expand your mind, unleash your creativity and invigorate your training sessions—and pass that knowledge along to your clients and your community—then you’re ready for LearnRx. Interact with fresh content released every month and an ever-growing community of like-minded coaches and fitness enthusiasts.
There’s always more to learn in LearnRx.


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