The Coaching Certificate Program

Imagine having the knowledge and confidence to work with any client no matter where they are in their fitness journey and where they want to go, plus the tools and resources to build a sustainable, fulfilling career in fitness. These are the results of becoming an OPEX CCP Coach.

The Coach, The Client, The Professional

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) is the most comprehensive online coaching education and mentor program. The program offers extensive video lectures and downloadable text on the science and the art of coaching. The course content is organized into three main sections: the Coach, the Client, and the Professional.

The Coach

The Coach

This is where you develop your coaching skills and gain a deep understanding of our principles of assessment, exercise program design, nutrition, and behavior.

  • Exercise Science
  • Being An OPEX Coach
  • Behavior Principles
  • Assessment Principles
  • Exercise Principles
  • Nutrition Principles
The Client

The Client

This is where you learn how to put your expertise into practice using the OPEX coaching methodology when coaching clients, no matter their goal and starting point.

  • OPEX Method
  • OPEX Assessments
  • Client Avatars
The Professional

The Professional

This is where you learn the skills needed to grow your coaching practice, acquire more clients, make more money, and change more lives through health and fitness coaching.

  • What Professionals Do
  • Retention
  • Acquisition
  • Growth

What Else Is In The Program?

What makes this program unique is it goes beyond theoretical knowledge and just passing exams, to give you real-world hands-on practice and practical application with your own clients as part of your final project. To ensure you are able to apply what you learn successfully, our instructors offer 11 weekly zoom calls, access to Q&A through our forums, and a 3-day optional in-person workshop.



Ease the transition from learning to implementing with quarterly live immersions. During Immersion you will learn alongside other CCP coaches, diving deeper into each module with hands-on practice. CCP Instructors will use case studies to confidently prepare you for your final project.

Final Project
Final Project


In the Final Project, coaches execute what they have learned. You have transformed the way you think about coaching, and now it’s time to put it to use. Coaches must work with seven clients and take them through one month of OPEX coaching. The project is personally graded by James FitzGerald before you can earn the title of OPEX CCP Coach.

CCP Membership Site


CCP coaches receive access to the Membership Site during their first year — completely free. The site gives coaches ongoing access to the CCP curriculum and subsequent material updates, a forum to connect with instructors, and direct access to James FitzGerald with monthly webinars exclusive only to CCP coaches.


About The Instructor

James FitzGerald

James Fitzgerald

OPEX Founder

OPEX Fitness Founder, inaugural Fittest Man on Earth, and industry-leading educator James FitzGerald has dedicated his life to bringing honor to the coaching profession through the creation of OPEX Coaching Education and Gyms Licensing Programs.

The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) reflects his 25 plus years of coaching expertise and is set apart by providing comprehensive coaching theory as well as the practical application of its holistic coaching principles. 

The OPEX Coaching Certification qualifies for continuing education credits with the following organizations

  • NASM Certified
  • ISSA Certified
  • NSCA Certified
  • Canfitpro Certified
  • OPEX ACSM Certified

Take the next Step in your coaching career today.

The Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) is OPEX’s flagship online certification program, enabling the mastery of three skills necessary to be a fitness instructor the Coach, the Client, and the Professional.

This guided video course facilitates self-directed study, while our cohorts enable rich and collaborative concept exploration. This Coaching Certificate Program will provide deep, individual design program knowledge, implementation tools, and the practical application needed to drive long-term results for your clients.

OPEX CCP prepares you to coach clients while giving you the prerequisites to manage your own personalized fitness business.

Schedule a call with one of our Coaching Education Advisors to discuss our online certification program and take the next step in your professional fitness coaching career.

Take the next steps in your coaching career


How does CCP work?

OPEX CCP is a self-directed video course interspersed with monthly cohort calls and knowledge series webinars. CCP is concluded through a final project consisting of a practical application case study.

How long does it take to complete CCP?

Course completion is dependent on your dedication. If you follow along with the cohorts CCP is roughly 16 weeks of theory study and a case study final project. If you devote 3-5 hours a week you will finish in less than 6 months, if you’re all in we have seen coaches finish in 4-months.

What is a cohort?

Although OPEX CCP is a self-directed video course, we group coaches together to collaborate and experience their CCP journeys together; these are called our ‘Cohorts’. Throughout the first half of your CCP journey, you will have weekly coaching calls with James Fitzgerald and CCP instructors in which you will discuss the practical application of principles, in a web-based live forum. These calls are interactive and designed to set you up for a successful final project.

Can CCP be completed all online?

Yes CCP can be completed totally online. However, we recommend attending our quarterly hands-on CCP immersion courses held in sunny Scottsdale, AZ and other great locations. These courses give coaches the opportunity to learn directly from the CCP instructors in a collaborative environment.

What can I do with CCP?

CCP will allow you to take your coaching career to the next level as an expert in individualized program design. You will be equipped to deliver Personalized Fitness coaching. As an OPEX Coach, you gain the opportunity to work at OPEX Gyms around the world. Upon completion of CCP, you are also able to open up your own OPEX Gym. Click here to learn more about the OPEX Gym Licensing Program. If opening an OPEX Gym is your goal, you can begin the Accelerator Program upon completion of the CCP

How is OPEX CCP different from other certifications?

a) When compared to theory-based personal trainer certifications, OPEX CCP develops both knowledge and practical implementation, teaching coaches a comprehensive system including physical assessment, functional exercise program design, and lifestyle coaching. Coaches learn how to attract, onboard and coach clients long-term for a lasting professional coaching career. Coaches are encouraged and required to practice their coaching skills through case studies, and receive direct feedback from James Fitzgerald, so they finish CCP prepared to work with clients.

b) When compared to functional fitness courses, OPEX CCP provides access to a year of expert mentorship and teaches the evidence-based principles required to create individually designed programs that are planned and periodized for long-term progression. CCP coaches learn to define ‘function’ by the individual and their unique goals, assessments and lifestyles.

How do I apply for CCP?

To apply for CCP you will need to schedule a consult with one of our Coaching Education Advisors. From there you will need to schedule a call with a Coaching Education advisor to help determine if this is the right fit and answer all your questions

What are the CCP application requirements?

We screen for coaches who are dedicated to the coaching profession.

How much does CCP cost?

Request a consult today and our Coaching Education Advisors will be happy to explain your financing options. Apply Now

Can I use CCP in a group setting?

The OPEX method has been developed specifically to deliver Personalized Fitness. Individualized Design Programming can be delivered in a group atmosphere to foster community. We believe that Personalized Fitness provides the most substantial impact on clients and builds long-term results.