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In a rut? Not sure where to turn? Then you've come to the right place. Running a fitness business is hard work, but you're not alone. Our veteran OPEX CCP business owners and mentors have been through everything you're dealing with...and then some. So, when you enroll in the OPEX Business Accelerator program, you can trust that you're in good hands.

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Inaki Roza OPEX Condesa

Iñaki has been in the fitness business for the last 10 years. He owned and operated the most successful CrossFit operation in Mexico before transitioning it into an Individual Design facility, which then became OPEX Condesa.

As an OPEX gym since January of 2018 (after transitioning with 50 clients), he steadily grew his member base to180 clients, while keeping a 96% retention rate. During the pandemic, he had to close for more than 6 months. Despite the difficult times, he still managed to maintain a profitable business.

Iñaki's purpose in life is to help others—clients, coaches and business owners—grow and live more inspired lives, allowing him to grow and lead an inspired life himself as a result.

Melissa Guitron OPEX Kura

Melissa is an OPEX CCP coach who started an individual design gym before the model existed.

How? By trusting her gut, seeing the market gap, seizing the opportunity, all with an unnerving amount of drive, purpose, and persistence.

She opened her first CrossFit gym by the time she was 27 and had an 80+ member ID gym by 30, after recognizing a gap in the marketin client experience, growth, and career potential for a great coach in the traditional group fitness model.

Three years later, OPEX Kura is a thriving OPEX gym, a community of 100+ on-site clients, four full-time coaches, a growing remote income stream and more. 

And now, Melissa wants to pay it forward to burgeoning coaches, self-starters, and fitness entrepreneurs who want to create and grow the gym of their dreams.

Steve Volke OPEX Regina

After earning his Bachelor of Administration (Finance) from the University of Regina, Steve entered the wealth management world, which lead him to pension plan management where he spent the next 18 years. In addition to his primary functions, he spent over 8 years in project management and improving internal processes to improve productivity. 

His passion for health, fitness and rehabilitation is supported by over a decade of coaching experience, including over 20,000 hours of applied coaching, and a CCP Level One designation through OPEX Fitness and Precision Nutrition Level 1, to name a few. 

When Steve is not keeping busy coaching and running OPEX Regina, you can find him mountain biking on the weekends.

Sean McCullagh OPEX Baltimore

Sean is the Owner and Director of Operations at OPEX Baltimore. A devoted husband,  new father, and  lifelong athlete, he's been in the trenches coaching athletes since his collegiate rowing days. His love of helping others to refine technique for efficiency and effectiveness started when he coached for several local high school rowing teams in 2002. That pursuit of technical efficiency he valued in rowing has carried him to coach and compete in Crossfit, Weightlifting, Powerlifting and Endurance racing in the late 2000s through to present day.

His passion is helping others find their place in the world of fitness, through refining and applying various frameworks focused on: Fitness Training, Nutrition and Lifestyle.

Sean has completed all OPEX CCP Level 1 Courses, is a Crossfit Level 1 Trainer, a USAW Level 1 Sport Performance Coach, USA Track and Field Level 1 Coach, and has completed: Crossfit Gymnastics, Mobility, Endurance, and Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength Seminar.

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"As OPEX Coaches, we're used to getting quality online education from HQ, and that was exactly what we got from the Business Accelerator videos and guides. But what really surprised us was our Mentorship with Iñaki. Without a doubt here we find a lot of value in this process. Having the opportunity to be in weekly calls where we defined every aspect of our business with the owner of a successful OPEX Gym was a great help. All of our systems and processes (Marketing-Sales, Coaching Management, Client Experience) were carefully designed on these calls, according to what really made sense for us.

Even in the financial aspect, it made us feel very secure. Starting with a clear idea about our finances and our metrics for the first 12-18 months gave us the opportunity to feel confident from the very beginning."

– Ronel Velasquez, YouRX

Ronel Velasquez - CCP Coach

“OPEX gave me the knowledge I needed to be a professional coach. Now, all we needed was education on how to put all of the pieces together into a sound business where my coaches could thrive and make a full-time living doing what they love. The OPEX Business Accelerator set us up with an amazing mentor who guided us the entire way through the curriculum. Now, we’re able to support a staff of professional, full-time coaches who deliver AMAZING individualized results to our clients.”

– Brandon Wilton, CrossFit South Bend

Brandon Wilton - CCP Coach

“My experience with Business Accelerator and Steve [Volke] was nothing short of stellar! The program has helped me in so many ways, including establishing a mission, narrowing down my target market, finding an ideal price point, developing and honing my SOPs, and so much more.”

– Noah Sager, GFB Fitness

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