Hard questions. Simple Answers.

The state of the world around us is mirrored in the state of our health and fitness.

For too long, the fitness industry has made being fit seemingly unattainable by all but an elite few who possess some top secret answers. 

This overcomplication of health has meant skipping over the simple truths and building walls around the knowledge that we all deserve access to.

The result? 

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The world just keeps getting sicker (both literally and metaphorically).

We are here to propose an alternative path. One that puts you in control.

You see, the health of our country starts with you. As an individual, you have the power to assume ownership of your own fitness, seek knowledge, take action and change this trajectory.

A healthy America needs healthy cities. Healthy cities need healthy communities. Healthy communities need healthy families. And healthy families need healthy individuals.

Physical fitness is a medium for each and every one of us to be able to contribute at our highest capacities. Without our health we have nothing, and we weaken the fabric of our society.

To live a meaningful life—one that celebrates and honors the freedoms we have in our great nation—we must each decide to strive towards vitality by going back to the basics of exercise, nutrition, and behavior.

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On the Live a Larger Life show, you’ll get the honest fitness and health knowledge you need to take ownership of your life and start paying it forward, starting with those around you.

Our purpose is to simplify, to put our stake in the ground, to create a vitality north star for us all, one that we can all get behind as a country to become healthier versions of ourselves. We will look at and challenge what we see in American values and culture, examining how current events at their very core are deeply relevant to you and your personal quest towards health and vitality. 

The time for shifting blame is over. It’s time for us all to stand up, take personal responsibility, and live a larger life.

Join us as we all find true freedom in fitness.

Meet your hosts...

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james fitzgerald

Inaugural Fittest Man On Earth, James has always been deeply fascinated by human potential, both physical and cognitive. In his pursuit of endless growth in both of these areas, James has developed a system and a community around what fitness can and should look like for everyone looking to live a larger life.


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kandace hudspeth

With over 20 years of experience leading brand strategy for huge brands and major advertising agencies, Kandace left agency life in 2014 to dedicate her craft to growing mission-driven fitness brands. Since then, she's served as CMO at Bodybuilding.com, HYBRID Performance Method, and now here at OPEX Fitness.


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carl hardwick

For OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick, movement is life. This 3-time All-Conference college football player and former U.S. Army medic has dedicated his career to helping those around him find their ideal version of fitness. Now, even off the gridiron and the battlefield, Carl tirelessly gives his all to helping those around him thrive.


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georgia smith

This Aussie native moved to the states in 2014 and pursued her passion for coaching. Today, she pays forward the knowledge she learned from OPEX, creating educational content and spreading the simple fitness truths that transform lives. When she’s not writing, you’ll find her on the mats teaching and training BJJ.


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about opex fitness...

OPEX Fitness is the education provider for coaches seeking career success, longevity, and fulfillment. Through two decades and thousands of graduates, OPEX has pioneered the individual design method for both in-person and remote fitness coaches. OPEX’s mission is to increase the value of the coach by empowering them to make fitness simple, practical, and personalized. The OPEX Coaching Certificate Program, LearnRx education platform, and CoachRx software form a fitness coaching ecosystem through which coaches can access the education, mentorship, and systems needed to professionalize their passion.

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