The Coaches Journey: Inaki Roza

The Coaches Journey: Inaki Roza


“Setting your sight on an objective and having the patience to reach it is incredibly fulfilling.”

Inaki Roza, the owner of OPEX Condensa in Mexico City, has been an athlete, a coach, and a gym owner. Now he is a mentor and an example of what others can achieve if have the patience and the will to succeed.

He discovered OPEX through a friend and became enamored with the holistic approach to coaching. His appetite for knowledge led him into the OPEX Coaching Certificate Course (CCP).

“CCP gives you a huge toolbox of resources rather than generic templates and useless information. It has also given me the ability to think critically in regards to fitness. For example, I can observe a clients movement and trace back problems to things not related to movement mechanics”

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