Client Training Program: Abby McCormick

Client Training Program: Abby McCormick

Abby has been spending the last 5 weeks on specifically refining  positional work in the snatch.

In this last block of training Abby has been working on receiving the bar in the catch. Most faults come from her getting soft shoulders or not finishing her pull in the extension. This video shows Abby hitting a 140# snatch. Abby is coached by OPEX HQ Head Coach Brian Foley.


A) Snatch:
Build to a Max for the day; 
15 reps @ 75%- perfect reps- any walkouts are a no rep

140!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! weeeeehooooo. Missed twice and then third attempt felt awesome. didn’t want to get greedy so I stopped 🙂 thank you for the push I needed Monday. literally only thought about lock out the entire time
105×15 reps, all easy. thought lock out the whole time there too and felt soliiiiiid

B) Seated Behind the Neck Press:
@40X1; 5-6; rest 3 min x3- tough sets

45,50,65- 65 was tough
really focused on exploding out of bottom and getting perfect lockout each rep

C) Snatch Pull:
1.1 every 60 sec x 8- 85% of 1RM

pull felt solid and was getting great extension with hips and really focused on shrugging and actually pulling with arms

D) JM Press:
6-8; rest 3 min x 3- tough sets

65, 80(6), 85(8)
these felt good , focused on exploding out into lockout position and good control all the way through the movement

E) 18 Min AMRAP:
4 strick L Pullup (knee tuck if needed)
Single Arm DB OH Walk 20 sec/side- AHAP
Ring Dip x8

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