On-Site at OPEX Fitness

On-Site at OPEX Fitness


The Product

The onsite model here at OPEX is nothing new to us. We meet someone where they are, physically & mentally. We assess movement and design a custom tailored program. They, in turn, work out consistently and with purpose.

It is the middle ground between personal training and group fitness, which both have things to offer but also have their own limitations. First, personal training or group classes are not for everyone and folks more often than not get that wrong. Reasoning often stems from it being the ONLY, the most POPULAR, or the cheapest option. However, this does not necessarily create a successful product if it doesn’t align with the client’s goals and priorities.

Product offering success is measured in many ways.

My version of measuring is through my competitive spirit, “Who wins here?”

In life. In fitness. In fitness and sport. Who wins?

In any product offering, the question MUST be asked: Is this a WIN for –

  • The Owner
  • The Coach
  • The Client

For a product to succeed for a LONG period of time, it MUST provide a winning situation for all 3 categories of people.  Take a moment and think of the different systems out there and ask….”does this work for everybody?”

Does the product have a culture and idea behind it that is so strong that it lasts the test of time?

I know it sounds simple, but think of all the things (products) that you take for granted today.  Many of those products have, over time, proven themselves through growth, challenge, and support. The product transforms into a brand and becomes MORE than just a product offering. It has transcended to a “way” of doing things.

The product we offer at OPEX, through our EC (Exclusive Coaching) Onsite System has proven itself successful for many years because it is based on “winning.”

What dictates winning?

It’s up to the business owner, honestly. Some want exposure to the masses. Some see winning as gaining notoriety against conforming to current fitness and health trends.  Others are altruistic and deem winning as the experience they gain from helping someone in fitness.

BUT the owner NEVER wins when their business simply folds. When their business goes under there is nothing to give and nothing to receive. Nothing!

So if we were to put a measurable method to success (the example of losing everything) against what we can possibly gain (by doing), we determine “winning” as the EXPERIENCE the owner provides to their clients that is SUSTAINABLE!

What product do you want to offer?  One that works for everyone, every time!

The People

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To create a culture inside the company that has a time tested approach toward success, we have to have the “right” team in place.

I have always said that you can train competencies in fitness, but you can’t train attitude, behavior, or will. The main reason most coaches who have had TRUE success are at the top is simply that they had a winning attitude, behavior, and will FIRST.

We teach our coaches this hierarchy:

  • 1st – Self
  • 2nd – Others
  • 3rd – Systems
  • 4th – Evolution
And guess what, it works. We want self responsibility.

Drama, popularity checks, and disturbance in the gym…no thanks.

Our onsite coaches have a future. The owners, leadership team and staff have a future. They believe in the OPEX mission. They expect to be just as self responsible to their clients as their clients are self responsible to their own health and fitness. It all resonates.

Another aspect of people and culture is creating and speaking the same language. I always smile when I hear someone report on how they listened to one of my CCP coaches speaking on a topic in fitness.  They say “This sounded like OPEX…” THAT makes me smile. Watching our CCP Level 1 Coaches creating their own unique vision and direction based on my sound principles taught in The OPEX CCP Level 1 Courses is exciting.  Those principles came from my own mentors and past clients and they are now changing the lives of a new generation of coaches and clients.   That same language is important.

Today, there is so much emphasis on autonomy, yet people forget what really works in business: autonomy PLUS consistency. Without these two together at the right time and place, the house is a disaster waiting to happen. it might not happen right away, but it will happen.

At OPEX, we have everyone on the same language called the OPEX CCP. It is not the ONLY ONE out there, but it is the RIGHT ONE if you want a consistent message combined with autonomy at the same time for both staff and coaches. If you don’t have this “internal education,” WHO IS TEACHING YOUR PEOPLE?

AND, more importantly, do you BELIEVE in the education they are getting? Does it include biases due to popularity and trends and not founded in sound principles? How long will that “language” last?

Our suggestion: get EVERYONE on the ship, point it in one direction you all believe in and HAVE AT IT!

(and kick everyone off or leave them ashore who are not in majority wanting to do what you want to do)

The Process


What to do…what to do…what to do…???

How do you make an Onsite Model, like OPEX, work? It has to be efficient and it has to be a winning formula!

Remember – The owner, coach, and client need to win! that is what we are searching for.

As mentioned, the process for us is pretty simple. We meet people where they are. We call it the GROUND. aka – the starting point.

In between, we have to build the RECIPE with the proper RESOURCES. this allows the coach and client to “resonate”, align and, more importantly, create an authentic relationship between the coach/client.  We teach them how to exercise on their own, but, NOT ALONE. Besides a movement coach on the floor, there are others exercising and working out, just like them.

The clients keep coming in, we keep teaching them how to continue to move forward in what they want to do.

The goal is the AIM. aka – the end/finish.

The client’s individual coach is in charge of the process, and works WITH each client 1:1. The client does NOT dictate what they want to do, however they are involved in the process. In other systems, it’s commonplace to see CLIENTS dictating their training program, what they want to eat and HOW they want to do things. Why?

The coach has lost respect in the fitness profession. The “process” has been poisoned by a FAST approach to living longer.

What????? Exactly!

The process must be seamless and repeatable regardless of the type of client that walks through your doors. Once this happens (called awareness) then the OPTIONS BECOME CLEAR.

Sure, there are many processes that “work” in fitness.

  • Some only work for the owner (like a large scale fitness facility with 10,000 members and everyone is a “number”).
  • Some that work for the client (like a $19 per month facilities that have no coaches or people, only machines)
  • Some that work for the coach (high cost and high margins like personal training)

It does not mean they are wrong but they do not work for everyone.

Until now.

In 2016, the OPEX brand will become another “OPTION”. A winning formula that will “work” for the owner, the coach AND the client. An END GAME built for all of them: the lifelong pursuit of fitness.

To me, that seems like a winner.


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