Strength Training For Young Adults

Strength Training For Young Adults

10 minutes of fitness with James FitzGerald, Lean Mass is misunderstood

James FitzGerald on Strength Training for Young Adults

In this weeks 10 Minutes of Fitness, James FitzGerald and Micahel Philhofer, discuss the best methods of strength training for young adults.

The Elimination of Movement

There is a worldwide epidemic taking place as we speak, the elimination of movement from children’s daily lives. Physical Education has almost vanished entirely from the public school system here in the United States and the growing prevalence of electronic entertainment is crushing children’s desire to move every day. But, what is the solution? As coaches, we are quick to recommend a structured program. However, it has been proven that the traditional approach is not the answer. In fact, we need to look through a totally different lens.

What’s the purpose?

“When looking to create a strength training program for children a coach must first ask themselves what is the purpose?” says FitzGerald. When a coach puts themselves in the shoes of multiple child health specialists the answer is easy. The purpose of an exercise program for a child is to support development by exploring space with their own body weight. Not, to max out their back squat, deadlift, and bench. Programs designed with the intent of supporting development not only fix the child’s lack of movement but, set them up for long-term success.

Designing a strength training program for a child comes back to the consulting principle of ‘do no harm’, a starting point for any professional coach. Learn FitzGerald’s personal method of ‘do no harm’ consulting and his methodology of program design in the free  Professional Coaching Blueprint.

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