AirBike Programs for General Population Clients

AirBike Programs for General Population Clients

10 minutes of fitness with James FitzGerald, Lean Mass is misunderstood

How to Program the AirBike for General Population Clients

In this week’s 10-Minutes of Fitness James FitzGerald and Michael Pilhofer dive into programming for AirBike, specifically for general population clients.

Why program the AirBike?

The AirBike is a common piece of equipment found in most functional fitness gyms. While it can be referred to as the devil’s bike from time to time it still remains a great piece of equipment for training multiple energy systems (Learn the three energy systems here). As James states in this episode, the AirBike is unique because any client can elicit a dose-response without having prior experience as opposed to other pieces of gym equipment. With that being said to truly get the most out of the AirBike a coach needs to program for it with a specific intent in mind.

Programming for General Population Clients

When programming the AirBike for general population clients keep it simple. “For good health, most people need some form of good resistance training and easy aerobic work,” says FitzGerald. That’s where the AirBike comes in, as it does not require skill for a client to get an effective aerobic dose-response. While the fitness industry has popularized training the Pain system, with hard intervals, 99% of clients do not need this type of training. They simply need repeatable aerobic efforts, “easy” aerobic work. Learn what repeatable aerobic efforts look like for three modalities in this blog.

Master Programming for the AirBike

Whether your clients need to train their aerobic system or your athlete needs to hammer out some pain intervals, you need to understand how to program for their needs effectively. Learn key insights from James FitzGerald on how to best utilize the AirBike in Energy System Training and get practical applications to use with your clients, right away, in our course Programming: AirBike.

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