Results are Built Through Personalization

Results are Built Through Personalization

The OPEX Podcast: Ben Pakulski

If you haven’t heard of Ben Pakulski (or Pak-Man), he is a Canadian IFBB Pro, former Mr. Canada, and the founder of Muscle Intelligence. Recently Ben Pakulski joined Carl Hardwick on the OPEX Podcast. The two discussed Ben’s history, how results are built through personalization and his goals for the future. Listen to the full podcast here, you don’t want to miss this one.

The History of Ben Pakulski

Ben grew up in Tronto and got hooked on fitness after seeing his first professional bodybuilding show. After graduating from The University of Western Ontario, Ben began to chase the goal of winning Mr. Olympia. While that goal was never directly achieved Ben would go on to be Mr. Canada in 2008, get 2nd in the Arnold Classic, and earned two invitations to the Olympia. After retiring from competition Ben now pursues coaching through Muscle Intelligence, and more directly through personal mentorship and has set forth a mission of impacting the world through empowering people to build the body they want.

How Results Are Built Through Personalization

After a brief history about Ben the two jump into how Ben believes results are built through personalization.

“The crazy thing is . . . you can work as hard as you want, you can work way harder than me and put on no muscle, and I can work mediocrely hard and put on more muscle. And it has nothing to do with my genetic ability, it has to do with maybe the exercises I chose suit me better.”

Ben Pakulski

Ben then goes on to talk about the idea of personalization. “What if we gave everyone a playbook for their body, here is how you do it for your own body”. This is exactly what OPEX Coaches are doing.

Ben’s ideas and OPEX Fitness’ are directly aligned. As the leading coaching education provider, we specialize in educating coaches on individual design, the ability to create that aforementioned playbook.

Before they begin programming OPEX educated coaches take time to conduct an initial consultation and assessment in order to further understand their client. From there they proceed to design a program uniquely for that client and their abilities. The coach then checks in monthly to monitor the progress and the effectiveness of their program. If you are interested in working with an OPEX Coach you can find an OPEX Gym near you here and if you are a coach get a free introduction to our coaching principles with this course.

The Birth of Muscle Intelligence

To wrap the podcast up the two talk about the birth of Ben’s newest endeavor, Muscle Intelligence. Being delivered through a podcast and camps, Muscle Intelligence is how ben is educating, inspiring, and transforming the next generation.

Ben elaborates that through inspiring people to build the body they have always wanted he believes he can change the world. “I want to empower young fitness enthusiasts with the knowledge and skillsets to build the bodies of their dreams…  I think this can change the world. If you care about the inside of your body you may be more likely to care outside of the body.”

Fitness is a wonderful conduit that can help people change more than just the physical aspects of their lives. Our founder, James FitzGerald, realized that and created the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) as a way for fitness enthusiasts to make a career in the fitness industry. 

This course provides you with the business, assessment, and program design skills needed to create a successful, sustainable, and fulfilling coaching career. Get an introduction to this education by signing up for The Free Coach’s Toolkit.

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