Scott Brewer: Jumping ship for OPEX

Scott Brewer: Jumping ship for OPEX

Scott Brewer: Jumping ship for OPEX Midlands

“I realized I didn’t believe in what I was doing anymore.”

That’s how Scott Brewer explained his decision to leave his General Manager position at a CrossFit affiliate to open his own OPEX facility—OPEX Midlands, in the suburbs of Lexington, South Carolina.

What was particularly frustrating for Brewer was the gym’s inability to both bring in and retain coaches.

“Coaches weren’t able to make a good living so coach turnover was absolutely ridiculous. One day I could actually do my job and the next day I had to cover five classes because we just lost coaches,” he said.

Brewer knew exactly why this kept happening: There was nothing in it for the coach to stick around when they were earning US$10 a class and getting a free membership in exchange for coaching classes, he explained. 

“So no matter what we did, we couldn’t keep quality coaches, or even obtain new ones,” said the 48-year-old Brewer.

At the same time, Brewer had become involved with OPEX through the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP).

He started to realize the OPEX individual program design model would provide a way better opportunity for the coach to earn a professional living pursuing a full-time career. It also seemed like a better way forward for both the gym owner and the client.

“The more I dug into CCP, the more I just realized that I was just setting a bunch of people up for long-term injuries and no long-term fitness in the group model,” he said of coaching group class clients. 

So one year ago, Brewer opened OPEX Midlands and today feels like everyone is in a better position to succeed. 

“Personally, I think the biggest change in my life—and everyone around me can see it too—is that I am where I’m meant to be now. It’s obvious in my attitude, and it’s obvious in the fact that I get up every morning at 4:30 a.m. with a smile on my face,” he said.

Currently, Brewer has 60 individual program design clients. 35 of them are his, and 25 of them belong to his other coach. Each pays US$299 a month for individual program design and a monthly lifestyle consult. 

(Coach’s Resource: Learn the basics of the OPEX model of coaching here.)

Though he’s still new to the game, and so is his coach, Brewer knows he’s on the right path. 

“It’s just such a better system for the coach because it puts the job of trying to find new clients on the coach, so they’re more engaged in the actual programming, more engaged in the client’s life, and more engaged in coaching. It’s a win-win. If they get a new client, they get more money. If they retain clients, they keep more money,” he said. 

As a result, the business benefits from having an engaged coach.

Brewer added: “It’s much different from group fitness when you’re talking to 20 people and half of them are doing half-assed work and you don’t know anything about them. In the individual program design model, you know what your clients’ kids’ names are, you know when their birthdays are. You know what their passions are. It just naturally helps you build real relationships.”

He credits OPEX in so many ways with helping him see the light to be able to live this life. And for their ongoing support, as well.

“I have never seen an organization that puts that much time into making sure (their gyms) are doing well,” he said. 

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