Building Endurance in Functional Fitness

Building Endurance in Functional Fitness

Solve Athlete Performance Issues

At OPEX the term Athlete is defined by one's expression of fitness, not accomplishment. They are separated from their desire to use training in a competitive fashion.

Mixed Modal is the brainchild of James FitzGerald and his latest contribution to competitive functional fitness. The second module of the course, Energy, has officially been released. Watch the Mixed Modal introduction video and sign up for FitzGerald’s latest knowledge bomb, here.

The first module in Mixed Modal, Sport, sets the scene for Energy by diving into functional fitness as a whole, along with the core concepts and assumptions that Mixed Modal will operate under when referring to functional fitness.

Energy Module

Energy, the second module in Mixed Modal, provides an in-depth look at how to create progressions for functional fitness training. The two major topics covered in the Energy module are Bioenergetics and the Multi-Limitation Fatigue Model.  


Bioenergetics covers Energy System Training and the core biological adaptations required for competitive functional fitness such as metabolic specificity and the new power-time curve. This topic covers pace theory, metabolic training, and how to create the most efficient progressions of work possible. Learn how to create these efficient progressions with sample programming in Mixed Modal.

Multi-Limitation Fatigue Model

The Multi-Limitation Fatigue Model covers seven different factors that influence an athlete’s performance including Respiration, Skill Acquisition, Psychology, Recovery, Muscles, Cardiac Output, and Thermoregulation. This model provides context to why an athlete might not perform at their highest level and provides training solutions to each factor while laying the scientific groundwork for the next modules.

Mixed Modal provides revolutionary thought along with the sample programming needed to create a podium-caliber performance. Learn how to master functional fitness progressions in the Energy module of Mixed Modal.

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