Pro Coach vs. Influencer

Pro Coach vs. Influencer

Fitness influencers receive a lot of flak, and rightly so. Professional coaches often find themselves competing with fitness influencers for client attention. More importantly, pro coaches have to run damage control when the clients they care for are influenced into trying some "hack" that they were tempted by on social media.

To get us in the right mindset, let's compare and contrast some generalized differences between a professional coach and an influencer.

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We can all agree there are some influential pro coaches who have a big following. But for every one of them, it seems like there are thousands trying to build influence on a foundation of no real experience or impact on clients.

As a professional coach you are committed to delivering client results. That is the central focus of what you do and how your business grows. An influencer is not. They are more concerned with themselves and making money. 

Now, money is good, and professional coaches can make an incredible living. One that is sustainable over the lifetime of their career. You deserve compensation for your services, and at a premium to match your quality. However, we’re not willing to sacrifice the main goal of getting clients' results to make a quick buck or grow our own fame. 

That's why we built OPEX CCP and for over 20 years have been helping coaches design and coach tailored programs that deliver any goal for any client. All while operating your business using time saving, efficient and scalable systems, so you can enjoy the lifestyle and financial freedom you dream of.

OPEX CCP will help you:

  • Gain the knowledge to coach any client to any goal with immediate access to the complete CCP curriculum. Structured video lessons, downloadable textbooks and worksheets provide everything you need to know about programming exercise, nutrition, and behavior, as well as how to build a coaching business.
  • Learn from the experts with direct access to your mentors and get the support and feedback you need to succeed. You’ll join live weekly lecture & mentorship calls for collaborative learning and access forums for questions and connection with our network of pro coaches.
  • Get practical, confidence building experience BEFORE you implement your knowledge with paying clients thanks to our practical client case studies which cover everything from problem solving, how and when to make changes to your programming and anything else you can possibly think of when it comes to getting clients the results they expect.
  • Use professional tools to streamline your coaching process with 16 weeks of free access to CoachRx, a coaching software that integrates seamlessly with the OPEX method. Plus, continue your education with 13 months of free LearnRx access so you never stop learning and developing your skill set. 

You’ll be able to scale your coaching business & build authority with your audience without sleazy marketing or sales tactics.

Starting CCP is quick and easy. You can enroll yourself online in as little as 5 minutes or choose to speak with an OPEX Coaching Advisor who can answer any questions you might have.

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