Join the Next Generation of Personalized Fitness Coaches

Join the Next Generation of Personalized Fitness Coaches

What is Personalized Fitness?

Personalized fitness is very simply one-to-one coaching. The OPEX method requires coaches to uniquely design each clients fitness experience. An OPEX coach always delivers a comprehensive assessment, frequent consultations, personalized program designs, and holistic nourishment programs catered to the specific client. Personalized fitness coaches differ from amateur coaches because they are true professionals seeking mastery of their craft, they realize that each client is different and treat them as such.

Join the Next Generation

With numerous coaching education providers in the market, it can be tough to decide which company to choose when looking to further your education. That is why we have created the free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course, an introduction to the OPEX System of Coaching, as a first step for coaches looking to further their education. This course will introduce you to the five pillars of the OPEX System of Coaching: Business of Coaching, Consultation, Assessment, Program Design, and Nourishment. Join the next generation of personalized fitness coaches by signing up for the free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course, today.


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