How To Communicate Change to Your Staff

How To Communicate Change to Your Staff

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Communication is a vitally important component of running a successful business. Perhaps the most important topic you need to master is how to approach communicating change to your staff in a way that clears all confusion and gets them bought into the changes.

This blog is going to make the assumption that you, the reader, is the owner of a small fitness facility. Keep in mind that if you’re in a much bigger business there’s going to be some different steps that you’ll have to take in order to communicate changes to your staff.

To put it bluntly, you need to articulate changes in direction or purpose by first explaining what the outcome is going to be first and foremost. A lot of time change gets really challenging when people aren’t aware or understandinding of where they’re going to end up. The result of this confusion is fear. You have to do your best to pave the way to help them understand what’s going to happen in order for them for them to buy into whatever changes you plan to make.

The next part of the process is thinking through the steps and milestones are required to reach that outcome.

“You don’t want to just make a change without discussing it, without telling your staff about it, because they will get confused and they will often respond with fear. So you have to lay out, “I’m going to say this so that we can start the process of making this change. I’m going to have this milestone, which I’ll then announce this part of the change, and then when we get to this level this will be how I discuss the change so that everybody can move their way through a buy in process.” If you do everything at once that can often lead to fear and people might start to go elsewhere to ask questions around what’s going to happen next.”

You must communicate these steps or important milestones into the overall discussion you are creating around change. Asking for too much change at once can be overwhelming to staff and coaches, which could lead to lower staff retention rates and a more stressful working environment. Instead you should slowly acclimate your coaches and staffs to changes by providing them with milestones related to the changes you are asking for.

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