Where Are You Going As a Business

Where Are You Going As a Business

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Where Are You Going As a Business

As coaches, we are often aware of the fact that we must attune to what it is our clients want out of their training—their goals, the reason they are training, their priorities, their current abilities…ultimately, their why. 

Or, at the very least, we seek to understand these things.

However, something I find time and time again with coaches I train, or consult, is that they themselves struggle with defining these things for themselves:

What their goals and priorities are as a coach and business?

Who their ideal and primary audience (client) is—the types of clients they connect best with and work with?

The reason behind their work, day in and day out? 

As business owners, coaches, it’s important that you, too, realize your businesses’ (as well as your personal) purpose, goals, and priorities, in order to become a better coach, a better business, and truly make the impact you were meant to (and want to) make.

While it’s important to recognize that your purpose (your why), your goals and your priorities may certainly shift, or evolve, as they often do with time—What’s most pertinent is to take the time to deeply reflect and think about where you are today, in the present moment, figure out your why, and then align your action steps with that why today.

I’ll use OPEX as an example.

As OPEX has evolved as a business—and global movement—over the past decade since I first founded it, so has my why. 

I always knew I wanted to help coaches become better coaches, as well as train and educate clients how to get the most out of their personal fitness journeys—but what that specifically looked like?…I kept my eyes on those two missions, and today, OPEX’s priorities are clearly defined:

1. To educate and empower coaches to become better and professional coaches; and,

2. Offer and deliver an unparalleled coaching and training experience for those individuals who take their fitness journeys seriously

We do so here at OPEX through two pointed offerings:

1. The CCP—Coaches Certificate Program; and,

2. Remote Coaching

These two things are the meat and potatoes of the OPEX business—our core—and knowing this, allows all action steps, time commitments, business decisions and more to align with these two priorities.

Know where you sit as a coach and business; where you are going; what your strengths (and weaknesses) are; and what your vision is, then…stay honest and true to who you are and what it is you are doing.

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