Gym Events Bring in More Fitness Clients

Gym Events Bring in More Fitness Clients

The Business of Fitness Coaching

If your goal is to bring new people into your business, particularly in a gym setting, you’re going to have develop strategies to get in touch with people or build awareness around your business.

While there are plenty of ways to accomplish this, holding events in your gym can be perhaps the most effective way to not only build awareness by gain more clients. This could look like a competition or a seminar.

How you actually go about deciding what can of event to host can be accomplished a number of different ways.

The event should be aligned with the type of Gym you operate. For example if you are a CrossFit Gym, you host a competition because it relates to the gym atmosphere and the types of clients you are likely to attract. If your facility is a personal training gym you should offer free assessment and consultation sessions in order to demonstrate your personal approach to fitness.

Obviously, if you’re in an OPEX type of a setting with an individualized approach, you would want to talk to a client one to one to understand what they need.

Before you create and plan your event, you must connect two important points as CEO of OPEX Fitness Jim Crowell explains:

“You’ve got to connect to the market. So, what does the market know about you, know about your business, and also know about the topic that the event is built around, and you have to then align it with what outcome you want on the back side. So, I could have, let’s just say, a lunch n learn about how to eat better, how to have better nutrition, but if I don’t then have something on the back side to either grab an email or have them get follow-up conversation from me in the form of content, it won’t be very effective. So, I want to understand how I connect to them based on where they are, I want to give them great content in that actual event. Content, by the way, could be competition if you are in a hyped-up setting. Then, I want to have a very good conversion plan to either continue to speak to them, or to convert them into clients.”

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