Client Training Program : David Bozak

Client Training Program : David Bozak

Remote Coaching Client David Bozak completing a new battery squat test created by Head Coach Matt Springer.  It mirrors Open workout 16.2.  If you combine this training session with David’s essence, it’s an excellent example of someone on the far end of the Low NME.  Look at his squat prescription, then look at his “max” of 275lbs at the end of the squat ladder.  What coaches can take away from this is an example of someone who does well with high volume at classically high intensity.

A) Knee Gapping:
120 second each side

I didn’t find any knots in my quad tendon. So not sure if this helped, but certainly didn’t hurt.

B) Back Squat:
@30X1; 4×2.2.2- load from 80% set one- of 2nd cluster

265, 275, 285, 295. @295 failed on 2nd rep of 2nd cluster.

C) 12 min AMPRAP:
15 Sq Cleans 135lbs
13 Sq Cleans 185lbs
11 Sq Cleans 225lbs
9 Sq Cleans 275lbs

-RX testing loads
– Film this please

I got one at 275, which ties my pr! After all that other stuff, I think I would have a new pr now. 🙂

D) 3 sets:
15 Deadlifts 205lbs
(rest 60 seconds)
200m Farmers walk- 70lb ea. hand
(rest 60 seconds)

Got all DL UB. The last 2 sets of farmers walks, had to break once. Grip is shot! Which I’m sure is what you were going for.


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