The Basis of Client Success: Holistic Assessments

The Basis of Client Success: Holistic Assessments

Establish a truth about client’s fitness and goals through a proper assessment.

Goals are an important part of accomplishing anything, this is especially true in fitness. Without goals, there is nothing to work towards. Truth goes along with this, in order to accomplish goals, there needs to be a level of truth. This starts with the relationship between the client and the coach. If the relationship is not built on truth it cannot be successful. Conducting an OPEX Assessment is the first step in building that truth.

Truth and Assessment

Truth is the catalyst for the client’s success. A proper assessment allows for truth to be established between the client and the coach. Assessment allows the coach to understand the level in which the client is on. With the base established testing will allow the client and coach to see the success or lack thereof from the developed program. With a proper assessment and reassessment when needed a truth can be established that allows for the client and coach to work together to meet the client’s goals.

OPEX Fitness founder James FitzGerald believes that only through assessment can you get the truth.

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