Client Training Program : Alex Hyslop

Client Training Program : Alex Hyslop


Like a lot of people, landing too wide on the third pull has become a problem for Alex and has limited him from reaching his potential at current strength/speed. We implemented drills like scarecrow cleans and cleans w/ no jump (change of foot position) to help dial in movement and force speed under the bar. He’s seeing great improvements by addressing these in a non-fatigued state. With skill days, we’ve found he responds better to less overall work and just taking the time to work through the elements in a given training session.

Alex is coached by Head Coach Sean McGovern

A) Scarecrow Clean:
x3; rest 60-90s, x3 across – tough- force the need for speed under the bar

110 LB/ 115.5 LB/ 121 LB

B) Clean with no jump:
x2 unbroken; rest 3min, x5/building

214.5 LB did 220 LB lost grip on the second but felt good!

Video: Clean with no jump at 214.5lbs

C) Clean shrug from blocks, below knee:
x1 @ full ext; full recovery, x6 – film first/last

264 LB / 264 LB / 275 LB / 280.5 LB / 286 LB / 286 LB – felt I had more in the tank, hope form is up to scratch.

D) Skip for Height:
x15m; rest 60s, x8


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