Planning Your Fitness Business

Planning Your Fitness Business


The Business of Fitness Coaching

Planning for your business is about taking bigger concepts or ideas and boiling them down into smaller components. You also need to establish your personal beliefs as well as the purpose of your business before you can plan effectively.

“You have to first start with who you are on the inside because if you’re a founder of a business or if you’re working inside of a business, you have to have some baseline set of beliefs that you want to project out to the world. In the fitness industry, it’s very easy to say, I want to help my clients.” – Jim Crowell

Without a framework of beliefs from which you can fall back on, any plan is likely to fail. Why? Because even the best plans fall apart. Have a strong set of core values allows you to make decisions of the fly quickly.

“Now, let’s assume that you’re really rock solid on understanding what you want to do and where you want to go. Now you’ve got to put some time frames out there for a little bit bigger picture. You’ve got to say, In 12, 24, 36 months, this is what the business needs to look like. Okay? And I’m talking about client counts. I’m talking about revenue. I’m talking about how the service will look exactly to the client. I’m talking about the number of employees you’ll have, how many coaches or staff you’ll have. You’ ve got to put those pieces together. Those really are outcomes” – Jim Crowell

Once your planning comes from a place of values and beliefs, then you have you have to establish deadlines.

“So this is a really interesting idea, Tony Robbins poses it, is he really talks a lot about always understanding outcomes and purpose because that will ultimately lead you to the most focused and specific place that you want to be. If you don’t know the outcome to where you want to go, you’re not actually planning.” – Jim Crowell

To summarize effective planning is:

  • Thinking big to small
  • Outcomes before purpose

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