How Much Should I Be Making? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 7

How Much Should I Be Making? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 7

To conclude our Anatomy of a Professional Fitness Coach series, we want to finish up with a really important part of making it as a coaching pro—

Making a sustainable income.

So what can you expect to make as a fitness coach?

In the individual design model, it comes down to a couple of factors. 

  1. The number of clients you coach
  2. How much you charge them

Through our experience mentoring thousands of coaches along their career journeys, a common trajectory for an OPEX coach plays out like this:


A coach has 35 in-person individual design clients, each paying the gym $400 per month. 

  • 35 clients x $400 per month = $14,000. 
  • If the coach earns 45 percent of that revenue, the coach takes home $6,300 a month.
  • Further, six hours of on-floor shifts at $25 an hour = an additional $600 a month

= $6,900 a month, or $82,800 annual take-home.


Alternatively, that coach decides to set-up their own hybrid coaching business, with a mix of training clients from their garage and local-remote. They have 40 clients paying $250 per month.

  • 40 clients x $250 per month = $10,000
  • Because they’re working for themselves, they take home the full amount (minus any business expenses for marketing or operations)

= $10,000 a month - (expenses), or $100,000 annual revenue.

Make a Great Living as a Coach - Quote


Achieving income levels like this doesn’t happen overnight.

It takes patience, consistency, and time to grow your client load. This is the journey you sign up for when you become a fitness coach, so you have to approach it with a growth mindset.

We know there is a path to make a great living as a coach because we’ve seen it play out time and time again.

The numbers provided in this email are based on the experience of OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) graduates using the OPEX Method of individual design coaching.

Wherever you currently sit in your experience and income, CCP provides a path for growth and the systems you need to get there, something which is unfortunately lacking in many other fitness models.

Share in the success of our network of professional fitness coaches, by taking your next step towards career growth by joining CCP.  Enrollment is open for our next mentorship group, and spots are limited.

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