What Model of Fitness Should I Coach? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 4

What Model of Fitness Should I Coach? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 4

One of the first choices you need to make when you start a career in fitness is deciding what model of fitness or type of gym you want to coach in.

Some of the most common options include:

  • Remote coaching
  • Group fitness classes
  • Personal training
  • Individual design (aka the OPEX Method)
  • A hybrid in-person/remote model (a common choice for OPEX coaches!)

While we work with coaches coming from all models of fitness who want to improve their knowledge and program design principles (our CCP mentorship groups are made up of a mix of all of the above!), the OPEX system of coaching that we teach is the one we believe leads to the greatest success for coaches and their clients. 

That model is Individual Design, and the knowledge and systems needed to implement it successfully are a critical component of the Anatomy of a Professional Fitness Coach.


What is Individual Design, anyway?

  1. You conduct intake, consultation, and physical assessment to identify each client’s capabilities, experiences, and goals.
  2. You identify priorities, planning, and periodization to build a long-term plan to move them towards their goals.
  3. You design a personalized fitness program that includes exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle and deliver it through a professional software like CoachRx, whether you work in-person or online with your clients.
  4. You use ongoing assessments and consultation so the program grows and evolves with the client and you educate them to take ownership of their own fitness over time.

The OPEX System of Coaching quoteIn short, the coach delivers a progressive and goal-driven program that meets the client where they are at. Plus, it’s a system of coaching that works both in-person, remotely, and with a hybrid approach.

The client wins because they actually get results and develop autonomy around their fitness practice, thanks to the focus on individualized training and monthly consultations where you can actually dig into what’s holding them back and make real, long-term habit changes.

The coach wins because they’re fulfilled by their clients’ success, can make a sustainable income, and avoid burnout because of the work-life balance that the model affords. (Read more about what you can expect to make as an individual design coach here.) 

Spots are now open for our next Coaching Certificate Program mentorship group. Apply to CCP now and receive instant access to the online curriculum, so you can begin learning and applying the OPEX Method of individual design coaching immediately.


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