How Social Media Savvy Should I Be? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 5

How Social Media Savvy Should I Be? Anatomy of a Fitness Pro Pt. 5

Are likes and followers really a defining feature in the Anatomy of a Professional Fitness Coach?

While it may feel like you’ve got to be a fitspo level influencer to make it in the industry, it turns out that your social media matters less than you think…⁠

Here’s what OPEX CEO and CCP Mentor Carl Hardwick has to say about the matter:

“You need to look at social media for what it is. It’s a great tool and most everyone uses it. You should use it as a coach, but don’t misuse it and think that it’s going to bring new leads into your business.”

⁠The reality is that for most small fitness business owners and coaches, relationships, results, and a referral-based approach to marketing will be the most important factor in bringing in qualified leads.⁠

Connecting to followers on instagram

What does matter is making sure that your social media, website, and online presence match the fitness niche that you serve. This starts with knowing exactly who your target audience is.⁠

When a potential client checks out your Instagram, you want them to see people who look like them and make them feel like they’ve found their fitness home.⁠

More followers doesn’t mean more clients.

In short, focus your social media strategy on creating a consistent message that aligns with your values and your ideal client (and define these!!), rather than stressing out over maximizing likes and engagement.⁠

In the OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP), we’ll teach you the time-tested business principles that will actually help you build the coaching business you want. 

What we won’t do is sell you a fantasy like so many other fitness business educators out there. Growing a successful coaching practice takes time and work, but with a solid foundation you can have a long career doing what you love.

The next CCP mentorship group is now open to applicants, and spots are limited. Apply to CCP now to secure your spot and receive immediate access to the full curriculum!


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