Energy System Training Workouts on the Assault Bike

Energy System Training Workouts on the Assault Bike

With a new year, comes new goals. Whether those goals be preparing athletes for competition or simply bettering yourself as a coach few tools remain more effective than Energy System Training.

Energy System Training

Energy System Training refers to training the multiple forms of energy metabolisms in the body to produce improvements in the body’s overall efficiency. This training methodology is comprised of three main energy systems: the aerobic system (OPEX Sustain), the lactic system (OPEX Pain), and the alactic system (OPEX Gain). The reason why Energy System Training is so effective rests in its ability to improve multiple energy systems at once — with one program. Learn how to create energy system-specific progression in this course.

Lactic Training

The lactic energy system (OPEX Pain) operates by using glycogen and lactate as fuel for intense activity and starts working once the creatine phosphate system has been depleted. We use the term “pain” when describing it due to the buildup of lactate and high contraction rate both of which can be perceived as painful. OPEX Pain training is significantly relevant for functional fitness athletes because of its direct application to the sport.

Lactic Training on the AirBike

The sample progression below demonstrates what building the OPEX Pain system on the Assault Bike or as we like to call it the AirBike would look like. OPEX Pain training is crucial for athletes and a great tool to add to your program for the upcoming season. Learn how to train all three energy in this free guide.

Lactic Power:
5 minutes easy warm-up
3 x 10 seconds hard intervals – 90%; rest 50 seconds b/t efforts
2 sets of 30 seconds b/t 80- 90% effort (find pace required for working sets) – rest 2 minutes b/t sets

Training Sets:
40 seconds @ 90-95% effort – high speed, same pace throughout
rest walk 4 minutes between working efforts
repeat 40 seconds on, 4 minutes off for 2-3 pieces
rest 8-10 minutes after these 2-3 pieces then attempt one more set of 2-3 pieces if required
5 minutes easy cool down

Lactic Endurance A:
5 minutes easy warm-up
2 x 10 seconds tough efforts; rest 50 seconds b/t each effort
1 x 30 seconds effort hard; rest 2 minutes b/t effort – finding pace and breath control
60 seconds @ 80-85% effort; rest 1 minute after set
60 seconds @ 90% effort; rest 2 minutes after the set

Training Sets:
60 seconds @ 95% effort; rest 5 minutes after the set
repeat the above 1 minute on, 5 minutes off sequence for 3-4 pieces
rest 10 minutes walking after these 3-4 pieces of 1 minute work/ 5 minutes rest
repeat these 3-4 pieces one more time as required based on training experience and volume achieved

Lactic Endurance B:
5 minutes easy warm-up on the

2 x 10 seconds hard pieces; followed by 50 seconds rest after each
2 x 1 minute moderately (80-90% sustainable) tough sets; rest 2 minutes b/t these sets
90 seconds @ 85% effort; rest 2 minutes after this set
90 seconds @ 90% effort; rest 3 minutes after this set

Training Sets:
90 seconds @ 90-95% effort; rest 6:30 after each set of 90 seconds
repeat this order of 90 seconds work and 6:30 rest for 4-6 pieces
5 minutes cooldown

This sample programming is an example of an Energy System Training progression. Learn how to create energy system progression in this free course. 


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