Spirit and Mind Through Body

Spirit and Mind Through Body

Our bodies are temples and, as humans, we are not taking care of them.

I am not sure when I first realized my feeling of anguish when I would see anyone showing any disrespect to their bodies.

Maybe I was biased by words from Bruce Lee. I would read his training manuals and, almost like propaganda, yell out “that’s right!” as I read a passage…looking around to realize nobody else was around.


Maybe it was that I lost my identity in athletics at a young age.  Maybe I thought that I was the “shit,” the popular kid, the one who got it all.  I didn’t “wake up” until I had a bad injury that proved that I was just a number.

A lot of things have lead me to hunt for that which causes purpose THROUGH the body.  My mentors and I would consistently debate over what comes first in the conversation – spirit, mind or body?

At each point in my life because of my experiences, I would, of course, scream “BODY” at all costs.  I won a lot by yelling this. I was the expert in the body right? I was FIT. I was the coach. I KNEW “the body!”

I would read experts opinions on the subject – spirit, mind or body.  Of course I’d find myself yelling the same phrase as I had with Master Lee when I read his works as a young man.

One excerpt from Bennett…


“….This body is not ‘I’. It is not myself. It is a thing that will degenerate if not cared for. It is an animal that will disobey if it is not disciplined. It is mine for a short time only and during this time, I must make the fullest use of it. In all things, at all times, it must obey me. I can and will be forged by discipline. By meditating on such notions as these, we establish the right mental attitude. But the connection between mind and body must be forged by discipline. It is good to accustom this body to hard physical work. We should endeavor to acquire a rich repertoire of bodily skills.”

-JG Bennett

If you respect the “body” try to tell me that doesn’t fire you up!

Today, there are a vast array of apps, websites, and research applauding the benefits of mind over matter, realizing spiritual potential, and “ways” to keep the brain happy.

At this same time, the people writing about this are not exercising and are not fueling themselves with quality nutrition.  Ask them questions on the impact that good fueling and taking care of the body means to them? They’ll have the same answer that we do on things OTHER THAN the body…that it matters little if you don’t have good perceptions and good spirit.

My argument is this:

Have you ever tried to do things not just “good” but GREAT the day after a binge on poor eating and drinking?  Maybe you do that once per year…once a month… maybe once a week? Maybe a few times per week?  Are you really working at your max potential when you are dazed 1/2 of the week from sugars and only can think of good thoughts and play Lumosity AFTER a coffee. (with sugar)

As coaches we know this and we hear stories like this all the time.  What happens when someone removes the crack (sugar), moves more (exercise) and sleeps better?  They cannot stop applauding you about changing their lives.  They SEE better. They THINK better. They LOVE better. REALLY!

This is FACT, its not snake oil sales.


They started appreciating the power of the house, the temple we call the body.

BEWARE of the marketing today towards that which does not ATTACH a thought around the body to it.  An example is even happening within intense fitness.  The WAY in which someone progresses their BODY has been lost in respect.

As a whole, humans have lost respect for the temple and think that because they can find shit on Google at warp speed, they DESERVE to get fitness in 6 weeks. This is COMPLETE disregard to the honor of the body and changes required in it for long term health and wellness.

What is the hurry, right?  How long will it take? Probably just as long, if not half as long, as it took for you to get your current state now.  Been down and out and unhealthy for 15 years?  8-15 years is what it will take to reverse it!

Is this true? Maybe. Maybe not. But I’m not far off when you ask people who have TRULY committed to loving the body again after the respect was lost. Discipline is forged through consistency.  Consistent work on the temple. The body.   Put it back in first place.

“Spirit and mind THROUGH body


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