Spartan Race - Gym Training

Spartan Race - Gym Training

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The concept of Spartan Race has certainly upgraded the idea behind running. But at the base of the entire event is still just that – RUNNING.

I had a love for running in general. It was the base characteristic of a lot of sports that I played growing up. Cross-country running, soccer, and basketball are well known for having large running distances covered when you play them. When I was removed from the university setting and moved out west, I fell in love with sprinting and running as my coaches and I competed in the Toughest Calgarian Alive competition.

The events in one day were;

• 5K run for time
• Shot put for distance
• 100m swim sprint for time
• 25 ft. legless rope climb for time
• 80m sprint for time
• Bench press 1 rep max for weight
• As many reps as possible (AMRAP) strict pull ups – 1 set for reps
• Obstacle course run for time

Having to run to prepare for both the 5K, the sprint, and other events had their challenges as you can imagine. My initial love of varied pieces of work would later set me up well for the love of training for the Sport of Fitness.



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