Client Training Program: Michele Eckert

Client Training Program: Michele Eckert

Michele Eckert (75 years old)

– Has not been able to golf due to knee issues.
– Now is golfing again, driving the ball 180 yards in the air. Furthest she’s ever driven in her life.
– Was told she needs bilateral knee replacement, but no longer has issues with knees after training with me for 3 months.
– She can hit the ball straight and consistent now that she developed single leg stability.
She is coached by Head Coach  Michael Bann

A) Reverse Lunges:
6-8/leg x4; Rest as needed

Needs to stay more vertical, but able to do without using hands to push off knees


B) Walking Lunges; 
25 meters @ bodyweight; rest as needed x3

Huge improvements in single leg strength, can complete the entire distance unbroken


C) 3 Sets
25 meter prowler push 165#
rest/walk 2:00

Heart rate topped out at 150


D) 3 Sets
50 meter prowler push 165#
rest/walk 4:00

heart rate topped out at 165. Recovered in about 2 minutes


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