RoboCoach: Part Geek, Part Instructor, All Expert

RoboCoach: Part Geek, Part Instructor, All Expert

New tech has a habit of changing the way we interact with each other and live our lives. It’s also stirring things up in the fitness industry.

Emerging products and technology are giving coaches a wealth of valuable information into athletic development and performance. Crucial fitness data that would have taken a football pitch of scientists to collect can now be quickly discovered by a device wrapped around your wrist.


WHOOP is a piece of wearable technology that analyzes your effort, recovery, and sleep. Products like WHOOP are giving coaches constant feedback into how their programming is affecting athletes, both in the gym and throughout the recovery process.

“WHOOP is the first product to continuously measure ‘Heart Rate Variability’ throughout the day… Long term for a coach, a product like WHOOP, which is tracking an athlete 24/7, 365, is going to allow a coach to understand the cycles of training stress and recovery with clarity.”


This device removes much of the guessing game around recovery and allows the coach to ride that fine line between under and overtraining.


An athlete’s jump speaks volumes about their physical abilities. The SMARTJUMP system provides useful data points to help the coach program for the athlete’s weaknesses.

“The SMARTJUMP system allows us to use simple math to determine where someone sits on a absolute strength, power production, and reactive strength continuum. Depending on where someone sits, that just tells us what characteristics of fitness we need to work on.”


With the data presented from this device, a coach is given an instant snapshot of what the athlete must work on to succeed competitively.

An overwhelming amount of data is now at our fingertips. At OPEX Fitness it’s our mission to educate coaches for a future in which more and more people want access to fitness experts who can read, interpret, design and deliver bespoke fitness programs with the aid of data and technology.

To this end we’ve devised a certification program called the Coaching Certification Program Level 1 (CCP).

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