OPEX Testing Series 15.3

OPEX Testing Series 15.3

sept 26

Workout 3 as part of OPEX’s monthly tester workouts is upon us.

Today’s workout may look oddly similar to another tester within CrossFit’s benchmarks: Fran.

However, unlike Fran, a workout many of us have been conditioned to know what it ‘feels’ like, and consequently, how to ‘game’ it or what number to shoot for, you will begin with a strength-based EMOM, building to a heavy squat clean thruster, followed by a work capacity tester consisting of a descending couplet of thrusters and chin-ups.

Remember, OPEX’s Testing series is meant to truly uncover fitness through a comprehensive assessment and approach—testing all aspects of your fitness.

See below for workout details. You have until Sunday at 8 p.m. to complete and post your results:


OPEX Testing 15.3

A. Every minute on the minute perform one squat clean thruster repetition; males begin at 155# adding 10# per minute until failure/females begin at 105# adding 5# per minute until failure; unlimited attempts per minute


B. For time
Thrusters 65/35#



-Please report results to this link immediately following completion of today’s testing

-Leaderboard closes Sunday evening at 8:00PM CST

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