Know Your Seasons in Business

Know Your Seasons in Business

The Business of Fitness Coaching

“It’s not just a simple answer to say which business does the best at what point of the year. It’s what model you’re in with what target audience in what area that’ll lead you to make better decisions.”

Understanding how the seasons are relevant to your clientele’s behaviours is key to building a successful gym.

For example, people in Arizona are far more likely to train in the winter than in the intense heat of the summer. This means that the summer negatively impacts the performance of gyms in Arizona, because potential clients are less willing to make trips outside. However, the opposite is true of those in wisconsin. People are more active during the summer and less during the winter due to the climate.

What does this mean to the gym owner?

Your business decisions and the manner in which you pursue and acquire clients must be guided and directed by the seasonal weather.

However, you also need to consider the lifestyle of your clients. If you have clients with children, chances are that they will be less likely to engage with your fitness services during a normal school year than they will during the summer time.

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