The Impact of a CCP Coach

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The Impact of a CCP Coach

On Monday, James, Mike and I spoke to a of a group of coaches outside of the world of “fitness” and what was a repeating theme of the discussion is the opportunity that coaches have to truly make an impact in someone’s life.  I mean, think about it, where else can a person go to align their health, fitness, nutrition, energy (life force) and their priorities to maximize their potential as a human being?  Stop and really think about that… the impact that a masterful coach can have is huge.  In other words…

We can help our clients live a larger life.

I recently received this email from a new client who is a shy but powerful man of few words who has expressed his gratitude in many ways the past couple of weeks.

“I honestly thought I was signing up for personal trainer to teach me how to work out. I had no idea you would teach me about life as well. That is a major bonus.”

And in all honesty, I haven’t even done anything out of the ordinary.  I simply employed some of our Life Coaching principles with him:

  1. Awareness:  I met him where he was at.  He is a beginner so I treated him as such.
  2. Built Trust:  I created an open space for him to be able to communicate freely without judgement—that was perfectly authentic and earned his trust.
  3. Identified Priorities:  I was respectful of his time and his priorities as he is a busy guy who doesn’t love fitness as much as I do, so he needs efficient workouts.
  4. Set Goals:  I gave him what he wanted as a starting point (ie. him being in the gym 3x per week consistently) along with a plan to progress him.
  5. Empowerment:  I am teaching him what it takes to empower his physical body along with his mindset around it.

Simply coaching reps and sets is an antiquated model of fitness.  People are more than just a physical body and the evolution of fitness will see successful coaches with a sound understanding of why helping someone maximize their potential and thrive in life transcends the body alone.

Sharon Prete
CCP Life Coaching Co-Conductor


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