Hanging Bicep Curl or Pull-Up?

Hanging Bicep Curl or Pull-Up?


At OPEX we believe in the upper pulling chain of action.  The argument around if or when humans should participate in upper pulling activities will go on forever depending on who you are speaking to.

If one was to TRULY properly argue long term health and fitness, I am not entirely sure where Snatching, pull ups, heavy dead lifts, metallic fatigue actually fit “into” the picture of health and fitness.

BUT,  if someone wishes to have upper pull and push balance AS WELL AS participate in CrossFit, Spartan Racing, American Ninja Warrior, rock climbing, bouldering, etc. then they MUST play with and create progression in upper pulling.

In OPEX CCP, we assess upper pulling as one of the primary movements that SHOULD be assessed BEFORE people participate in exercise.

The CCP program gives coaches DIRECTION once they CAN or CANNOT pass simple progressive tests in these areas BEFORE progression.







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