Schedule Your Success

Schedule Your Success

Why a Calendar is a Critical Business Tool

Just as the body and mind thrive on rhythm, so too does your business…

When was the last time you scheduled an important meeting? A business project? A personal event with your loved ones? Scheduling important events is a simple act but it can make all the difference when it comes to personal and business success.

The thing is, too many gym owners overlook this simple organizational strategy, suggesting a lack of business discipline, but worse: a lack of direction.

Through The OPEX Gyms’ Business Accelerator Program we meet many gym owners and observe a common trait: they’re reactive, scrambling when not only problems, but also boons arise. Procrastination often follows, which may have been a viable strategy in school but spells disaster for the business owner. Indeed, it’s a vicious cycle with only two eventualities: stagnant growth or financial ruin.

Manage your time for better coaching success

Break this cycle by managing your time more effectively with a physical or digital calendar you can adhere to. Creating a calendar is an exercise in planning and scheduling. You need both to accomplish things in an efficient manner.

Planning involves determining what goals you will accomplish and what path you’ll take to reach them.

Scheduling, meanwhile, is less concerned with what your goals are and why you’ve set them, and more with when you’ll accomplish them. In other words, scheduling is the act of setting a date and time for those goals to happen.

It’s important to plan, schedule and order this information in a calendar to keep you focused and working towards the business and personal successes you want.

There’s a secondary benefit to creating a calendar: planning and scheduling helps to reduce business costs.

A good plan includes solutions to possible obstacles, so you won’t have to spend precious time and possibly money coming up with a solution to a setback. Moreover, when your team is aware of the business’ plan and schedule and how their job helps execute it, they’re more likely to adhere to the deadlines that keep your company moving forward toward success.

Creating a calendar is a simple. Creating longevity in your business is not…

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