Brianna Lamb: Business is Thriving Through COVID-19

Brianna Lamb: Business is Thriving Through COVID-19

How OPEX Coach Brianna Lamb’s Business is Thriving Through COVID-19

OPEX CCP coach Brianna Lamb is empathetic. Empathetic for all the gym owners who have been hit hard financially by COVID-19, and for the coaches whose pay checks have been slashed, or who have been temporarily laid off. 

“A lot of people in our industry are suffering right now. I coach a lot of other coaches, so seeing some of my clients, who are full-time personal trainers or CrossFit coaches, go through this horrific financial time, has created gratitude,” Lamb said.

Gratitude that she works under a system that has allowed her to retain almost all of the 65 clients she was working with prior to COVID-19. Of her 65 clients, some were already remote clients, and the others she worked with on-site at OPEX Revival in San Rafael, California. Lamb earns between 42 and 52 percent of the revenue they bring in each month, she explained. 

While OPEX Revival is temporarily closed, not much has changed for her or her clients.

“At first, I was like, ‘Oh my God,’ I have to re-write 65 programs, but the reality is I just had to adjust the movements, all the while keeping their objectives and goals the same,” Lamb said. 

“Client A still needs to work on her hip mobility, for example, and even without a pull-up rig or a barbell, I can still create effective programs that are varied and fun to do at home,” she added. 

On top of continuing to provide individual programs, Lamb has continued to do monthly lifestyle consults with her clients, which she has moved to Zoom. And because her on-site clients were accustomed to seeing her more than once a month, she has started offering consults once every three weeks, as opposed to every four or five weeks, which she said has been really good for their compliance and retention.

“It really helps the consult stay fresh in their mind,” Lamb said.

A second minor change Lamb has made with her on-site clients was to make sure she’s super diligent about monitoring their compliance on the TrueCoach app each week. If their compliance drops, she checks in to see how they’re doing, and to offer some accountability.

“I have also made a point of having them send me more videos than they normally would, so I can give them more feedback. It creates connection, and with filming and reviewing themselves, there’s an education process involved, as well,” she said.

Despite those two small tweaks on Lamb’s end, for the most part, her on-site clients have seamlessly shifted to a remote model.

“Most of them are happy to continue their programs with the same alignment as before,” she said.

Her clients’ continued compliance comes down to both the holistic and individualized approach Lamb learned through her OPEX education, including the OPEX Coach Certificate Program (CCP), she explained. 

“It’s completely customized to them, and people are really craving that right now—a program that works for their goals, nutrition that meets them where they’re at, and accountability and trust. They’re craving connection right now,” she said.

Of her original 65 clients, only five have placed their memberships on hold, all due to financial stresses brought on by COVID-19.

“I still work with them and have weekly check-ins, though,” she said, adding they will all return the moment they can.

Though she has temporarily lost five clients, Lamb has managed to pick up five new clients, so her monthly revenue has remained pretty much consistent. 

One of these clients came in through her gym’s intake form online, and the other four she attracted herself from her own social media marketing, and from running some Zoom workouts to generate new leads. 

The message Lamb has been pushing online—and which she recommends other coaches and gym owners do as well—is to encourage others not to put their lives or their fitness on hold right now. 

“I have been pushing the message that now is the perfect time to work on yourself, and the more uncomfortable you feel at home, the more you need a coach,” she said. 

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