How Do I Track My Client’s Nutritional Behaviors? [Answered]

How Do I Track My Client’s Nutritional Behaviors? [Answered]

Create a metric to track your client's nutritional behaviors

The question we tend to get this time of year — you know, a month into resolutions and everyone is jumping ship — is: How do I track my client’s nutritional behaviors? Whether a coach wants a client to track their macros or just make sure they drink enough water, properly tracking a client’s nutritional behaviors can be the difference between reaching goals and falling frustratingly short. Here are four steps, derived from the OPEX System of Coaching, we use to track nutritional behaviors.

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Consult with the client and establish the why, what, and how.

Firstly, define the ‘why’. Before asking a client to track nutritional behaviors a coach needs to make sure it aligns with their goals. Ensuring proper alignment is the difference between a client being accountable or blowing it off entirely. Secondly, the ‘what’. Figure out what exactly the client will track, will it be their veggie intake, their calories, or simply the amount of water they drink — this is influenced by their goals. Thirdly, the ‘how’. Decide what metrics both coach and client will use to track nutritional behaviors, this again is unique and influenced by the why and what. Examples of metrics include ounces, number of meals, shades of veggies, etc.

Assess where the client currently is.

Depending on the consultation measure where the client is relative to their goals. If the goal is to eat more vegetables, how many does the client eat now? If the goal is to drink more water how much do they drink right now? Assessing the starting point is crucial as it gives the coach a point of reference for future assessments.

Program the behavior.

Based on what was decided in the consultation set up a method to track that particular metric. We recommend using our all-in-one coaching software, CoachRx, to help clients track their nutritional behaviors and workouts in one place.

Be Consistent (both of you).

The only way that tracking nutritional behaviors works is through consistency. This is two-fold. It is not just the client’s job to be consistent. The coach has to be consistent and hold the client’s feet to the fire so to say. If the goal is to consume a number of ounces of water per day the coach needs to check on the clients progress weekly.

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