The Best Programming Platform for Fitness Coaches and Trainers

The Best Programming Platform for Fitness Coaches and Trainers

Fitness coaching sounds like a dream job…so why do you feel burned out, overwhelmed, and exhausted?

While all your friends may think that all you do is work out and give high fives, or write exciting programs from exotic locations, the reality is...

coaches are expected to wear multiple hats that can make it feel like there’s never enough hours in the day to get everything done. 

To grow a successful coaching business you need to balance both the art of coaching—delivering high quality programs, building relationships, and getting great results—with managing your client list, finances, marketing, and operations.

So how on earth are you supposed to do it all, while staying passionate and excited to show up for your clients on a daily basis?

As coaches ourselves, we’re here to tell you that with the right platform you can do it all…and continue to love what you do!

We built CoachRx to help coaches like you seamlessly manage both your clients’ fitness AND the health of your coaching business in one place. 

We’ve done the hard work refining and testing our systems over the last 20+ years, and have finally packaged them into the ultimate coaching software so you can stop wasting time, money, and energy on multiple platforms.

By integrating all of these features in one platform, and constantly innovating and adding more, CoachRx will help you become the efficient and effective coach you want to be. 



Business Suite

Enhance the professionalism and profitability of your business with all the metrics, reporting, CRM, and payroll features you need. Stop chasing clients and start collecting payments easily and automatically with our seamless Stripe integration.

  • Stripe Integration
  • Payments
  • Metrics & Reporting
  • Payroll
  • Contracts & Waivers
  • Easy client Import process
  • Transition Assistance


Manage a full client load simply with quick access to touchpoints, priorities, metrics and more, all built to maximize your efficiency and workflow. 

  • Improved Dashboard interface
  • Revamped Activity Feed
  • Consult rate
  • Rx insights
  • Touchpoints
  • Notes 
  • Reminders


Along with individual design, CoachRx is now equipped to deliver group programs with live start dates. This means hybrid coaches can now offer and sell all their fitness services in one app.

  • Live Program feature
  • Ability to sell Programs online
  • Custom Sales Pages
  • Improved client assignment experience



We’ve paired with the best in the business to add value to your coaching service. 

  • Loom

To make communication with your clients even faster and more personalized, you can use this video messaging integration to communicate with your clients in Coach Notes, workout feedback, and messages. 

  • InsideTracker

Further personalize your coach-client relationship by using InsideTracker to analyze your clients’ blood biomarkers, getting a deeper understanding of what’s happening under the hood. Inside the CoachRx app, you can set up your FREE InsideTracker Pro account, get coach and client discounts, and view client results with the touch of a button.

  • Stripe

Thanks to a seamless integration with Stripe you can process both one-off and subscription-based payments inside of CoachRx. Create your CoachRx Stripe account, add products and subscriptions, add clients to the pricing plans, and start collecting payments. It’s as simple as that!

A BETTER Client Calendar

Our calendar is built by coaches, for coaches, helping you design individualized programs faster. With hundreds of thousands of programs written, we know what it takes to cut down programming time, which ensuring you have easy access to all the client information and data points you need to deliver high quality designs. 

  • Day/Week/Month/Long-Term views
  • Hotkey expansion
  • In-calendar Messaging
  • Exporting Workouts
  • 500+ Exercise Library videos
  • Loom-integrated Coach’s Notes

Coach Experience

The little touches make a big difference to your coaching experience, which is why we’ve refreshed our dark mode and enabled you to communicate with your clients on the go. Plus, our growing library of educational classes will help you increase your program design confidence. 

  • New Dark Mode
  • 6 Educational LearnRx Classes
  • Coach Mobile App



We are committed to constantly innovating and growing the features available to you in CoachRx. These are just a few of the projects we currently have in the works:

  • Custom Sales Pages for products & subscriptions
  • Custom Storefront
  • New Client Mobile App
  • Nutrition & Lifestyle version 2
  • Cronometer Integration
  • Session Scheduling
  • Client Web App
  • Payments feature expansion
  • CoachRx interface updates

CoachRx isn’t just a coaching platform. It’s a combination of all the tools you need to look after both the fitness of your clients and the health of your business. With our free 14-day trial you can play with all of these features for yourself!

It only takes a few minutes to start your free trial and add your first client to CoachRx. And over the months and years you’ll save countless hours (and dollars) by using one platform to both coach your clients and manage your business.

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