Recession-Proof Your Coaching Practice

Recession-Proof Your Coaching Practice

Inflation, gas prices, interest rates, recession… 

None of us are immune to the economic climate around us, which is why it’s essential to take a proactive approach to building resilient coaching practice that will stand the test of time, regardless of what the world throws at you.

Over a 5 day webinar-series, we assessed the current state of the fitness industry and trends we’re observing in gyms right now, and shared time-tested principles of professional fitness coaching that are relevant now more than ever.

Missed the live calls? No stress! You can watch back the recordings here:

Where Are We? Today’s Economic Landscape & Coaching | Day 1

OPEX CEO Carl Hardwick kicked off the series by reviewing the current economic landscape, explaining why coaches should care, and providing advice on what to do in the face of a recession.

Recession flow and economic landscape

Be a Professional with Staying Power | Day 2

Next, Carl walked through the definition of a professional coach and considerations that will help you have staying power in the industry. Why? Because you’ve got to know your value and your purpose to have longevity as a coach.

Our definition of a Professional Fitness Coach:

A professional fitness coach is educated and experienced in delivering consistent success and results to their clients. Delivering unique value to each of their clients ensures a professional fitness coach earns a full-time wage, making it possible for coaching to be a full-time career. What’s more, professional coaches move the profession forward by teaching their coaches and clients how to be autonomous in and out of the gym.

Attracting Clients in a Recession | Day 3

OPEX CMO Kandace Hudspeth led our third call, offering 6 key sources to acquire new clients and how to get comfortable with marketing your services without feeling “salesy”.

A peek inside the presentation…

Know Where To Get New Clients (6 Sources)

6 sources for clients


Building Your Value & Closing Sales | Day 4

Carl returned to explain how to convey the value of your coaching service to your potential clients by understanding the difference between value and values. Then, he shared a system you can use to close your sales.

value diagram

Retaining Clients in a Recession |  Day 5

Carl concluded the series by sharing insight into how to retain your clients during a recession and how to continue to drive referrals during this time.


Set and Exceed…


Whether you’re a coach or gym owner, in-person or remote, we hope you take the time to tune into this series to learn how successful coaches are approaching the challenges of our current world economy.

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