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Unlocking athletic performance with muscle endurance training

This course includes:

  • 9 video lessons on developing muscle endurance programs
  • High resolution infographic of the muscle endurance tree  
  • Definitions of contraction types
  • Example workouts for mixed modal and gen pop clients
  • The 4 level framework for building muscle endurance

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How do you develop muscle endurance and increase functional strength?

The goal is simple - your client wants to increase their functional strength and do so safely. So why over-complicate the programs you're building?

In this FREE digital course, you will learn a simple framework for increasing the athletic performance of your clients. We will explain how to build effective mixed modal workouts that fit into a long-term plan and we show you how to progress both athletes and gen pop clients to peak performance.

Carl Hardwick - OPEX CEO and Instructor

Access the course and learn how to increase the athletic performance of your clients