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What’s the best system for designing great programs as an online coach?


Remote coaching comes with challenges that you don’t get when working with clients in-person. Your personal schedule, client communication, and the way you design programs is different. It can be more challenging to efficiently create workouts and lifestyle prescriptions, build relationships, and have time to continue scaling your coaching business.

The online coaching industry has had explosive growth in recent years. If you want to separate yourself from the competition, you need a better system. 

In this guide, we will show you 7 steps you need to design superior programs for your clients. We’ve developed these principles by learning from decades of experience from top fitness pros.

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Program Design Tips for Online Coaches Download Now


This guide includes:

  • The 7 crucial steps for program design efficiency
  • Best practice for onboarding & initial consults
  • How (and why) to conduct a movement assessment
  • Defining your client’s priorities
  • Creating a plan!

Adopting the systems and program design principles in this guide will ensure you offer your clients the premium programs they deserve—and get them the results to match. Download this guide today!