Interval training may make your clients work hard and sweat, but are those HITT sessions getting the results you both want?

It’s common to fall into the trap of programming tough interval workouts, but we often fail to consider if they’re the best way to improve our clients’ aerobic capacity, body composition, and longevity.

You can avoid ineffective hard work by learning from common interval training mistakes. Best of all, with key program design principles and effective communication, you’ll avoid making them with your clients.

From mixed modal to cyclical to bodyweight-only intervals, this guide will show you how to write and coach safe, personalized, and effective functional conditioning workouts.

Download Interval Training Program Design to help your clients work smarter, enjoy exercising, and get better results from their interval training.

Interval Training Program Design Download Now

Write Personalized and Portable Training Programs

This download includes:
  • Three common interval training mistakes and program design solutions
  • Workout videos to see intervals in action
  • Mixed modal, bodyweight, and cyclical interval coaching tips
  • Sample interval training programs

Download this guide now and avoid common interval training mistakes.