What’s Included

The How to Program Muscle Endurance for Athletes infographic is based on our proprietary method of progressing muscle endurance: The Muscle Endurance Tree. In this download, you will find clear definitions and examples for each level of The Muscle Endurance Tree providing an easy transition from learning to programming. Download this easy to digest infographic today and add to your coaching knowledge.

Muscle Endurance Tree

The Best Way to Program Muscle Endurance Download Now

How to Program Muscle Endurance for Athletes

This download is right for you if:

  • You need a deeper understanding of muscle endurance.
  • You want to learn about the different types of contractions.
  • You are looking for proven methods for program design and progressions.
  • You want to improve your programming skills without adding unnecessary complexity.

This infographic is based on core OPEX Coaching Certification Program (CCP) strength training principles. Learn how to program muscle endurance for your athletes today with this easy-to-digest infographic.