So your client wants to do a muscle-up… Now what?


Your client has mastered the basics and they're looking for a new challenge in the form of gymnastic movements like muscle-ups, butterfly pull-ups, and handstands.

How can you design a program that improves their abilities efficiently while also remaining focused on long-term performance and safety?

In this FREE downloadable guide, you will learn the OPEX approach to creating mixed modal skill progressions. 

Mizar Fuentes-Ortega Gymnastics Skills
What’s Included in the Guide?

  • The OPEX mindset for training functional fitness athletes
  • The 6 steps of mixed modal skill progression
  • Example workouts to target each step of the progression
  • A free LearnRx video on programming for chest-to-bar butterfly pull-ups

Download Functional Fitness: Gymnastics Skill Progression now and learn the best way to improve advanced movement patterns.