Why Your Clients Need Sunshine

Why Your Clients Need Sunshine

James FitzGerald’s Weekly AMA: How Important is it to Get Sunshine

In this weeks Ask Me Anything (AMA) sneak peek, James FitzGerald, tackles the question of how important is it to get sunshine? This weekly AMA is available exclusively to OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) Coaches as part of our never-ending mission to supply our coaches with a quality education.

How Important is it to Get Sunshine?

Your clients need sunshine for a whole host of reasons, but we will keep it simple. Sunshine helps the body balance numerous processes, creates beneficial hormones, and regulates circadian rhythm. While your clients need the benefits afforded by sun exposure, there is a point of diminishing return. The perfect amount of sun exposure is different for every client and varies depending on skin tone, genetics, and location. The sweet spot as James says is “up to the point in which you might change color”. While this is not an exact science, err on the conservative side to avoid getting burned.

OPEX Fitness believes sun exposure is something that should not be overlooked, in fact, OPEX Coaches regularly program daily movement outside for their clients. This is part of the holistic approach to nourishment in the OPEX System of Coaching. We believe that when a coach takes into account a client’s balance, energy, rhythm, and purpose their results will be greater and have a long-term impact on their overall fitness. Learn the basics of the OPEX System of Coaching and how to create holistic nourishment programs for yourself with the Free 7-Day OPEX Coaching Course.


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