Why Absolute Strength Training is Critical For Your Clients

Why Absolute Strength Training is Critical For Your Clients

Why Absolute Strength Training is Critical For Your Clients

In a previous blog, we discussed what exactly absolute strength training was and was not, but we didn’t touch on why exactly it was critical to the success of both general fitness clients and performance athletes. 

Inside the Strength Continuum, absolute strength training forms the foundation by which the other aspects of the Strength Continuum (strength speed, speed strength, and absolute speed) are honed and developed. Absolute strength training, as the name implies, helps develop athletes and clients ability to produce power by increasing their overall strength through load based and resistance training. The ability to produce power is a prerequisite for working within the other three aspects of the Strength Continuum. It’s worth noting, however, that this is primarily an athletic benefit of training absolute strength meant for competitive athletes. Most clients won’t need to touch or even train the other aspects of the Strength Continuum for daily life. So what do they get out of it?

(Note: As mentioned above most clients do not leave absolute strength training. Therefore, it is essential coaches master this part of the Strength Continuum. Our free guide teaches you the fundamentals of absolute strength and includes an example 5-week program allowing.)

Benefits for General Fitness Clients

There are actually some surprising health benefits from working within absolute strength that help clients live longer and more fulfilled lives.

  • Increases Bone Density
  • Increases Lean Muscle Mass
  • Decreases Mortality Rate

Since resistance training is the primary method for developing absolute strength, a client can expect correlated improvements in bone density and lean muscle mass critical for injury prevention and minimizing the negative effects of the aging process. Absolute strength development, when implemented correctly, will support a client’s longevity and enable a more active lifestyle.

For those whose fitness goals are performance-based, developing absolute strength is the fundamental phase of their athletic development. The level of absolute strength required corresponds to the sport and the level at which the client wishes to perform. As a result, the development of absolute strength programming requires a clear and comprehensive understanding of a client’s goals and athletic abilities.

Every client has unique goals, therefore your implementation of absolute strength training is going to differ from client to client. If you’re curious to see what an absolute strength program looks like and how to design an absolute strength progression for a client, download our free guide Programming for Absolute Strength and check out our sample 5-week program.

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