What is Personal Fitness Training?

What is Personal Fitness Training?

How to Choose the Best Service Personal Fitness Training Service

The fitness industry is flooded with influencers, coaches, and gyms that claim to offer personal fitness training. They promise to help you get leaner, stronger, and fitter in a short amount of time. But these lofty promises often include an even higher price tag. 

What makes one service better than another, and is the cost worth it? Here are three things you should look for in a personal fitness training service before you commit.

What is Personal Fitness Training

Personal fitness training is a type of exercise that is personalized to the individual completing the exercise. This type of training can have many names like personal training, individual design, and one-on-one coaching. But no matter the name, personal fitness training should include these three things.

Your Abilities are Assessed 

The first thing you should look for in personal fitness training is a service that starts with an assessment

To truly create a personalized program, the coach needs to understand your starting point, your prior experience with exercise, and your goals. Every coach’s fitness assessment will be a little different, but make sure they assess your body composition, movement capabilities, and work capacity.

(Resource: Are you a fitness coach or enthusiast? Learn how our coaches assess their clients for free in this course.)

Make Sure the Exercise is Personalized

Secondly, look for a coach that will create a personalized exercise program. You can tell if the program is personalized based on how they respond to your training feedback. If your coach adapts your program based on your feedback from the last 1-2 weeks, you’ve found an excellent service. If it remains the same despite your comments, there is a good chance it is a template.

Also, make sure there are clear expectations for how often you will be interacting with your coach. Will you see your coach for every workout, weekly, or monthly? Make sure that you have at least one monthly check-in with your coach and an open line of communication with them throughout the week, such as text, TrueCoach, or email.

Can They Personalize Your Nutrition

Have you heard the saying “abs are built in the kitchen”? That saying is worth its salt, and whether you are trying to live a healthier life, build a six-pack, or prepare for a sport, your nutrition will play a vital role in achieving your goals. Therefore, when you are looking for a coach, try to find one that offers personalized nutrition coaching

The best coaches, like the ones in OPEX Gyms, will include nutrition and behavior coaching in their service. But if you cannot find this near you, a remote nutrition coach, like these, can be a great alternative. 

Are You Interested in Personal Fitness Training?

Personal fitness training is an exciting new field. 

With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing large gyms to close their doors, the need for personalized fitness training has skyrocketed. Clients have been left without access to the gym and the group classes they relied on so heavily. 

These clients need a service that is adaptable and personalized to their needs. Thankfully, this is the exact business model we have been teaching for more than 20 years. Sign up for our free coaching course today and learn how you can start your own personal fitness training business.

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