What Further Coaching Education Should I Take?

What Further Coaching Education Should I Take?

What Further Coaching Education Should I Take After CCP?

As a new coach furthering your education is appealing. Should I take Precision Nutrition next? What about functional medicine, or should I specialize in fixing movement imbalances? While it’s exciting to add to your list of certifications, James argues that new coaches need to do two things, stick to the basics and get in the trenches.

In this episode of 10 Minutes of Fitness, OPEX Fitness Founder, James FitzGerald, and Michael Philhofer discuss the next step in education for new OPEX Coaching Certificate Program (CCP) graduates, watch the full episode for yourself on our IGTV. New to OPEX Fitness? Get an introduction to our coaching principles in The Coach’s Toolkit.

The Next Step in Your Coaching Education

Michael begins the episode by asking James “What would you recommend for further education for a new OPEX CCP graduate?”

“As always, it depends on the context of the coach,” says James. But I would recommend that a new coach instead of looking for further education start working with clients and do what they can to gain as much experience as possible. As a new coach, you need to learn the technical aspects of coaching and this only comes through practice. “Have you talked to a client yet and been stumped?” says James, there is no substitute for experience.

“Get in the Trenches”

James FitzGerald

Learn The Basics of Coaching Education and Get in The Trenches

While starting to practice James recommends diving deep into the basics of coaching. “During this time I would also recommend reading books on the basics such as water, sunlight, etc.” New to the basics? We’ve got you covered, learn the fundamentals of the OPEX System of Coaching in this free course.

Secondly, but just as important James reiterates the need for coaches to be exemplars. “You need to make time to exercise every day and dial in your own nutrition program.” The benefits of being an exemplar are two-fold, not only are you practicing what you preach, which builds trust with your clients. But you are also gaining experience performing different exercises, training energy systems, and experimenting with nutrition that you can bring to your coaching practice.

Fitness coaching is a trade, and it can be learned. Get the skills you need to create a career for yourself and work towards a successful and sustainable future. Sign up for The Free Coach’s Toolkit today and get an introduction to our coaching education.

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