Want to Become a Professional Fitness Coach? Get There Faster

Want to Become a Professional Fitness Coach? Get There Faster

Become A Professional Fitness Coach Faster

Want to become a professional coach?

If you knew nothing about what a deadlift was and your only guidance to learning how to do one was to read about it in a textbook, you might be able to pick up the basic idea of the movement, but it would probably be tough to become a deadlift master.

If you had a video to watch, you might pick up the movement a bit faster and a bit more effectively. Better yet, filming and then watching yourself do a deadlift would likely help you fix any errors and catch on a bit quicker still.

But when it comes to learning a new movement—be it the deadlift, or let’s say something more technical like a snatch—I think we can all agree that nothing can replace a coach.

This is true of learning any skill, trade or profession: You can learn from reading books and listening to lectures, or from watching videos, but learning from great coaches and mentors is only going to expedite the process and ensure you learn properly.

We have probably all experienced trying to learn something on our own. Often, we develop bad habits as we’re not receiving the necessary feedback, and once something becomes a habit, it becomes way harder to undo and relearn than it would have been to learn it correctly from a coach the first time.

Although becoming a professional fitness coach will take time and patience and hands-on experience on your end—if this is your goal—why wouldn’t you set yourself up to succeed with an army of coaches and mentors to learn from?

This is what you’ll receive when you do the OPEX Coach Certificate Program (CCP): Access to some of the top leading thinkers of the day, like OPEX Fitness Founder James Fitzgerald, as well as a community of CCP Coaches and OPEX Gym Owners, to help you not just become a great coach, but also to help get you there faster!

To give you a glimpse of what’s in store for you in the CCP course, sign up for this new Coach’s Toolkit.

During this course, you will receive daily lessons for seven days that will expose you to OPEX’s personalized coaching methodology and provide you with the tools you need to begin building a sustainable and successful coaching career.

You will be introduced to the following five pillars: The business of coaching, client consultations, client assessments, program design and creating nourishment programs for clients.

Here’s what three CCP coaches had to say about how OPEX education has been invaluable to their careers:

Other education out there just focuses on how to train people, not about why that person is walking through the door. … I’ve learned a big part of it comes down to figuring out why your clients are really there, not just physically, but mentally and psychologically. You really need to understand them and their aspirations and their values,” – CCP coach Dylan Staniec

“For me, CCP was my first introduction to having thoughtful coaching structure. I didn’t have a system for assessment before that. I was a group fitness coach and just guided people through a workout, so learning about assessment was essential to me. …That, and having structure and an approach to program design were absolutely key.” – Marcus Filly, CrossFit Games athlete, CCP coach and the owner of OPEX Revival in San Rafael, California.

“CCP exceeded my college education. By a lot,. …“The (OPEX model) is invested in the coach’s success, the client’s success and the gym owner’s success, and I think that’s what really separates it from anything else out there. …Based on my own experience, and hearing from others who have worked in different systems—either at a CrossFit gym, as a personal trainer or at a Globo gym that offered CrossFit like I did—this is the only system that has the big picture in mind.” – CCP coach Abby McCormick.

Get an introduction to the same system of education with our coaching course, The Free Professional Coaching Blueprint. Sign up today and take the first step to getting the education and support you need to become a professional coach.



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